Friday, July 18, 2014

Old dog new trick!

Haven't gotten out on the water last couple of days, been busy building a website for my business. It should be up and running within a week. Make sure you check it out! I would like to thank Captain Ned Small of and the team at Go Daddy for their patients working with me on my project. To check it out go to

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Captain Wayne's Everglades Fishing Report ( Posative Attatude! )

Well I am back. As I promised on my last report, I would up date on Cobia and Permit charter Saturday. Was really looking forward to this trip, windows of opportunity to fish the wrecks and open water structures have been limited, due to the weather. So when a fellow Captain Ned Small sent a client my way that seemed to fit in perfect, the trip was on. My new first time client was from Texas and was hoping to fish for something other than the Redfish and Sea Trout that he fishes for in his home waters. We left the dock in the early morning twilight with high expectations! The NOAA weather radio was giving a forecast of southeast winds 5 to 10 mph seas less than 2 ft. Perfect I had a plan, run 14 miles south of Chokoloskee through the Ten Thousand Island than jump offshore 9 miles to a old wreck that sometimes holds permit. The sunrise ride through mangrove islands was god gorgeous. But when we turned the corner and started our leg of the trip heading out into the gulf. It was apparent the weatherman was wrong! We were greeted by northeast winds blowing around 15mph marginal conditions for my 18 ft skiff, but we were determined and made it to the wreck. No permit, a decision, do we fight the conditions and go to the another wreck or change plans. We both new the conditions were getting worse, I suggested we could head back inshore and keep fishing or just call it a day, my new client asked what we might catch. I went down the list of types of fish we might encounter, including redfish, snook, jacks, sharks, ladyfish etc. Let go! anything but redfish was his reply. So off we went 9 miles later back inshore on our fist stop a large oyster bar on a good point we set up. I know big snook lay up on this bar waiting for baitfish ( Been here Before ) and its alive with life! I instruct my client to cast his bait on the front of the bar where most of the bait has gathered, instantly he's hooked up. Turns out to be a nice upper slot limit fish, not a Snook but a nice Redfish. At that point where conditions are looking good to salvage a bad start and have a fun day catching fish, my new client turns and tells me that I am wasting his money and time catching Redfish, and wants to call it a day. And that's my report, 46 mile trip, 2 stops, 1 Redfish, no new client, Can't please everybody! Hope I never get tired of catching all fish including REDFISH Captain Wayne of Fishhunt charters 1 239 657 2445 Fishing the Everglades

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July Everglades Fishing Report

Hot weather and warm water temperature = early morning and evening bites. My clients are catching good numbers of Red fish pitching brown 1/4 ounce buck tail jigs around oyster bars and any mangrove shorelines with good current movement. Most fish are in the lower to middle of the slot size. For larger Red's and big Snook cut Ladyfish chunks are hot baits fished on the outside points of barrier islands. Remember fish the points with current! There are also plenty of sharks this time of year, mostly Black Tips. Saturday if the weather is good, going to head offshore and look for Cobia and Permit. Wish me luck! Will let you know how we did. Captain Wayne of Fishhunt Charters