Thursday, August 7, 2014

Captain Wayne's Everglades Fishing Report ( early August )

Monsoon season is upon us, almost every day dodging thunder storms is just a part of every trip. Lots of fresh water is flowing out of the interior mainland into backcountry creeks and bays. Tannic Acid produced by mangrove trees has pushed lots of fish mostly sea trout and red drum into the bites and coastal bays. Incoming tides bring more saline waters into these areas, where the above mentioned fish thrive. Snook and juvenile tarpon can tolerate this fresh water flush, good numbers are still being caught in the back country. Fishing early in the morning and evenings has been great! Not only do you escape the heat of the afternoon, you will dodge most of the rain storms. We have been strictly using live bait this month, ( pilchards ) This season they have been running on the small size, so use a cast net with 3/8 or smaller mesh. I haven't been offshore this month but some of the guides tell me the red grouper fishing has been excellent on the rock bottom from 30 foot and deeper. September, October and November I will be in New Mexico running my elk hunting operation. I will stay in contact with some of my fellow guides in Everglades City and keep you posted on what's biting, where and what there biting on!! Captain Wayne Krystopa of Fishhunt Charters

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  1. Wayne, thanks for posting these reports, I look forward to the updates. Good luck with the elk hunt.